"The manor in which the mediator conducted the mediation session was extremely professional.  Thanks to CMA's assistance, I am on good terms with my colleague."

Mediation Participant (Teacher), Olympic Heights High School

"As an external resource, Sheryle's ability to listen, flexibility, training and intervention solutions make her an indispensable asset. Her depth, breadth of experience and knowledge in group dynamics are a great combination."

Luis Calatayud (Director of Training), Orlando Utilities Commission

"I have observed Mrs. Woodruff during several mediations and each time I have been very impressed with her skills, professionalism, and neutrality.  She is a committed and dedicated individual who feels very strongly about her role as a professional in her field of ADR.  I highly recommend her."

William Miranda, United States Postal Service

"Sheryle Woodruff is one of the most professional and knowledgeable presenters I have ever seen.  She is able to help participants master what they need to know in a way that works best for them.  I would highly recommend her to any organization."

Carolyn McMorran, Valencia Institute

"The coaching sessions with CMA increased my awareness of the importance of reflective listening and staff validation.  These sessions have enhanced my management skills, which has resulted in me becoming a more effictive leader.  This was evident through a recent survey taken by my team."

Manager, Orlando Utilities Commission

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