Conflict Management Associates provides dispute resolution consulting services for businesses and organizations.  We conduct thorough needs assessments prior to providing any consulting services.  Each organization is unique and it is vital to understand the culture in order to improve productivity, decrease employee turnover rate, increase customer satisfaction and employee morale.   Our services help companies identify and diagnose the strengths and weaknesses of a department, team or an entire organization.  CMA's goal is to create productive and healthy work environments.  The dispute resolution consulting services we offer are:

Needs Assessment - A systematic exploration of the gap between the current state and the desired state.  CMA uses a variety of instruments to conduct needs assessments, such as:  confidential surveys - written or face to face, observations, focus groups, statistics, interviews.  Based on the results of the assessment, CMA can recommend tangible steps to assist in reaching the desired state.

Dispute Systems Designs - CMA works with companies to improve existing ADR systems or design and implement new ADR systems. 

Progressive companies interested in resolving conflicts at the lowest possible level can greatly benefit from developing effective ADR systems.  The benefits range from decreased litigation and conflicts to highly effective teams and tremendous dollar savings.

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